Parshat Shemot

This week’s Parsha is Shemot 📖

Moshe is a shepherd, tending to his flock in the wilderness. Suddenly he sees a burning bush. At first Moshe doesn’t think anything of it. Bushes in the wilderness can catch fire.
However, after a closer look, Moshe sees that the flames are not consuming the bush!

Once Moshe’s attention was fully on the bush, Hashem revealed himself by calling out “משה משה” and Moshe knew at that moment that his life had meaning and had changed forever.

The burning bush is a fabulous metaphor for our life!
Once Moshe saw such a miracle he realised his life had a meaning and a purpose and he had to go and find it. It is the same for all of us.

As conscious living Jews, we need to dig deep and find out what drives us, what our passions are and to use the fire within to correct the world.

By really taking time to find out our talents are and what we are good at, we can then contribute and fulfill our purpose in this world.

We have two options. We can be a runaway sheep and give up on ourselves or we can be like Moshe the shepherd and a leader. We can let the burning desire inside of us help us to live a more meaningful life.

At first Moshe didn’t want this job, to take charge, to step into this role. He argued with Hashem to choose someone else. Moshe saw himself as flawed because of his slow speech, but Hashem reminded him that He was the source of everything.

Hashem gave the power of speech and sight to humans. Moshe should remember he is not alone -“fear not as I am with you” said Hashem.

Every single person has a gift. Some may be facing challenges at work, with their friends, shidduchim or their spouse/children. It is difficult to change and take risks. Fear of failure and not being accepted can be paralyzing.

But we should take heart as Moshe did that Hashem is with us.
Our own internal burning bush to consume us, or we can use it to help us flourish and live a purposeful life.

✨ *Shabbat Shalom* ✨