Aliyah to Harish

Aliyah, coming up to live in the Land of Israel, is often the highpoint of a long Jewish journey.

We arrive in our ancestral homeland with big dreams and bigger ambitions. However, the reality of life with a new language and a new culture (not to mention new weather!) can be challenging and, from time to time, a struggle.

Finding a place and a community to call home is the best way to ensure that we as olim are able to strike deep roots and that our Aliyah is a successful and fulfilling one.

The city of Harish is located in the north eastern sharon region and is one of Israel’s newest cities.

From what was a sleepy village of dedicated pioneers in the early 2010s Harish is now a bustling and ever expanding metropolis with residents of every hue, background and affiliation.

Due to high quality of life, affordable housing and ease of access to the mirkaz, Harish has become a popular choice for olim who want to be part of an Israeli city with a strong and supportive network of fellow English speakers.

With an extensive choice of schooling, an ever expanding social scene, employment opportunities and excellent public transport it’s not difficult to see why so many olim are choosing to make Harish their home.


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Address: The minyan is located at the school on Zayit 6. Enter from the park on Rimon, opposite Rimon 3.