Parashat Beshalach

This week’s Parasha is Parashat Beshalach 📖

Many expressions in the English language connect the flow of life with that of the sea:

Ride the wave.
Go with the flow.
You can get lost in the sea of life.
I’m drowning in work.
It’s all water under the bridge.

Life is sometimes like a thrashing, crashing and wild sea. Yet, Beni Yisrael walked through the Yam Suf on dry land!

According to the midrash the Beni Yisrael when crossing the yam suf walked through 12 paths of solidified, calm see through water.

We can compare this to our own lives.

The world as we know it can feel so chaotic, out of control and shocking. As Jews, however, we just need to stick to our dry land, keeping mitzvot and connecting to Hashem.

That’s our job! That’s our goal. We need to keep taking on more mitzvot, understanding the Halacha a little more, work on ourselves every day deeper and grow in our relationship with Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

Our goal in life is to better ourselves daily, to walk it with Hashem, through this corridor of life, to the next world with our bags of mitzvot in tow.

We all need to take the moment that we are in now, use it to internalize it. We don’t have to get swept away in society and lose ourselves, our true essence.

✨ *Shabbat Shalom* ✨