Parashat Ki Tavo

This week’s Parsha is Ki Tavo 📖

In this week’s parasha Moshe tells Am Yisrael what is going to happen when they enter Eretz Yisrael, the Promised Land. Moshe explains the mitzvah of bikkurim, bringing of the first fruits to the Beit HaMikdash.

The Jews are told not to bring it by a mode of transport but by foot, personally. These first fruits aren’t in mountains, they’re small clusters, just the first fruits. Why? Why are the first small portions so special? What can we learn from this mitzvah?

We can learn hakarat hatov, gratitude.

Hakarat hatov is so important and fundamental that we need to always have an awareness of it. From parents to sibling, teachers to friends and mentors.

But most importantly, we need to constantly exercise our appreciation for Hashem and all that he does for us.

Hashem blesses us with our own personal tools we need for life. We are be able to think, speak our minds and share our talents.

By being grateful, it helps recognize His kindness and builds our relationship with our creator and allows us to see the positive and become aware of the good.

By having that Ayin Tov, we learn to appreciate the small things that we have in our lives and what happens to us, as well as the big things.

This mitzvah of Bikkurim really drives that home and teaches us that, in essence, nothing belongs to us. Hashem gives it all to us and all we need to do is REMEMBER! Remember to use what we have to praise His name and more importantly to thank Him.

We are here, as His ambassadors. We need to remember where everything we have is from and to not let our own ego get in our way of saying just a simple thank you. ❤️

✨ *Shabbat Shalom* ✨