Parashat Nitzavim

This week’s parasha is a double portion, Nitzavim-Vayelech 📖

In parashat Nitzavim we have one of the most famous verses in the entire Torah, “This commandment that I command you today”(30:11)

But it doesn’t say what the commandment is. And then it goes on to say that this mitzvah is not hidden from you, and not far away from you at a distance. It’s not in the heavens above, so you don’t need to climb to shamayim to retrieve it, and it is not across the ocean! The pasuk ends saying that this mitzvah is so close to you, in your mouth and in your heart.

What is this mitzvah which isn’t far and so close? This mitzvah is teshuva.

Such a fitting mitzvah for us to be discussing at this time of year. It’s the month of Elul, teshuva is in the air.

The sefarim say that we should take on something small and then cut it in half! And the thing you take on, don’t promise to do it endlessly, yet be specific in the details. Why start with a small action? Why be specific? This is in order to not overwhelm ourselves and to make sure it’s something within our grasp that we are able to work on and once we get into the pattern of things, it becomes easier.

And it’s within us already! We don’t have to go far. It’s in our mouths and our hearts. Take a look at your daily challenges, your personal struggle, that’s your nisayon, your challenge. That’s where the hard work needs to kick in. When you feel we’re going against the grain, that’s when you know that you’re being shaped and molded into a better version of yourself.

Once you overcome what you find hard, it will get you motivated to do more and strive as success inspires success. By doing small, constant actions, we create good habits which will become ingrained in us and will become a part of us. And the best part, it doesn’t have to be done perfectly!

We are a week away from Rosh Hashanah, we’re still in the month of Elul, of teshuva. We just need to make small changes in our lives and connect to Hashem and build on our relationship with Him and show Him we want to change our ways for the better!

We’re a week away, and we need to make sure we make every moment count.

✨ *Shabbat Shalom* ✨