Parshat Toldot

This week’s Parsha is Toldot 📖

The twins, Yaakov and Esav are born. Esav became a man of the field and Yaakov became a man of the Beit HaMidrash.

Rashi comments that while in Rivka’s womb Yaakov TURNED towards the Beit HaMidrash and Esav TURNED towards Avodah Zarah. Esav didn’t GO, he TURNED towards idolatry. What does this mean? It means that he BEGAN to make choices and decisions that took his life in a specific direction.

The Chofetz Chaim explains that ropes are made of thousands of little thin threads. When weaved together they become strong. On their own they snap easily. Only when wound together tightly can the rope hold.

Esav didn’t immediately choose a life of sin and greed. The process started with small decisions. He slowly started making immoral choices and each one of those decisions slowly loosened a tiny rope and Esav’s connection with his creator. Ultimately the rope could no longer hold, broke, and led to a life of immorality. He prioritised self service and the embracing his animalistic instincts rather than his G-dly self.

The current always flows downstream and for conscious living Jews, we need to TIE ourselves to Hashem, in every aspect and field of our lives. How?

We need to consciously live a life that focuses and prioritises the Torah and mitzvot. Being religious isn’t a one time choice. It is a decision that we have to continually make every minute.

Every choice we make either brings us one step closer to Hashem or loosens a thread. Just like a single change in the rudder of a boat can take you miles off course…

We should all try our best to make wise decisions, every moment of every day.

✨ *Shabbat Shalom* ✨